Minnesota ATA Club Scores

Minneapolis Gun Club
Handicap Championship

June 18-20, 2010

The seventh annual Minneapolis Gun Club Handicap Championship was held the weekend of June 18th - 20th. We were lucky and has some of the best shooting weather that Minnesota had so far this year. No rain!!

In Fridays singles, Scott Steffen carded the lone 100 in A class with Glen Linden and Dennis tying in AA with 99's. In the T.G.I.F. Handicap Jim Walkowiak took honors in the 25-27 yd. group with a 94, Charlie Leavitt in the 22-24 yd. group with a 92 and Ray Kirchoff in the 19-21 group with a 96. Doubles high score was Linden with a 99.

Saturday dawned a bright sunny day, a little breezy and 100 singles was the first event. Cletus Kuznia and Jerry Demulling turned in 100's in AA with Kuznia forfeiting and the carryover from Friday's singles was won by Linden over Kecker 97 to 96. The targets were checked and the 200 Handicap Championship event was ready to go. 5 of the 6 previous Handicap Champions were in attendance to try and be the 1st to repeat the Championship. In the 1st 100, Lucas Peterson was high with a 93 followed by Kecker and Troy Haverly each with 92's. In the 2nd 100 Peterson trailed off and Kecker and Haverly both came in with 95's. Kecker was a former winner of the Championship and Haverly was still basking in his score of 98 Handicap win at the Owatonna Gun Club Cabela's the previous weekend. Kecker was on post 2, Haverly on post 4 with Haverly taking the win 21 over 17. Troy is the 2010 MGC Handicap Champion and is the recipient of the Custom Tilden Trophys belt buckle and h is name on the perpetual plaque. The shooters were treated to a roast pig dinner Saturday afternoon, prepared by Master Chef Mark Hintz, compliments of Neil Winston.

Sunday, Fathers Day, turned out to be the best day weather wise. Bright blue sky and light winds. Mark Hintz, Walkowiak, Kecker, Linden and Robert Wynnemer all turned in 100's in Singles AA with Hintz taking the trophy with a coin flip over Wynnemer. John Bacon took the honors with the lone 100 in A class. Sunday's Handicap saw Linden 98, Wynnemer 96 and Craig Raines 89 taking their respective yardage group. Sunday's doubles showed Guy Hessler with a 99 in AA, Tim Mackey winning the shoot-off over Nick Kubasch in A, Wynnemer in B, Scott Larson in C and Will Gideon in D.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to Neil for the roast pig dinner. We'll do it again in 2011.


Friday Singles

AA Glenn Linden    99 (won by carry-over)
AA Dennis Kecker  99
A Scott Steffen     100
B Tom Mader         98
C Jim Walden        95
D Glenn Davis        90

Friday TGIF HCP 100

25-27      Jim Walkowiak   94
22-24.5   Charlie Leavitt     92 (won by forfeit of Cletus Kuznia)
19-21.5   Ray Kirchoff Jr.   96

Friday Doubles

AA  Glenn Linden  99
A    Stan Durda     96
B    Tom Monzel   72
C    Bob Wiltse     89

Saturday Singles

AA  Gerald Demulling 100 (won by forfeit of Kuznia)
A    Scott Larson         97
B    Ray Kirchoff Jr.     95
C    Calvin Vraa           87
D    Keith Hewlett Sr.   89

Minneapolis Gun Club Handicap Championship
Combined score of 200 Handicap Targets

Troy Haverly          187    (2010 MGC Handicap Champion)
Dennis Kecker      187    (2008 MGC Handicap Champion)
Jerry Demulling     183    (2007 MGC Handicap Champion)
Jeff Lembke          182
Lucas Peterson    181
Ron Noreen          181    (2009 MGC Handicap Champion)
Jacob Hanson      180
Barry Gregerson   180
Roger Lorenzen    180
Tom Petty            179

Sunday 100 Singles 

AA  Mark Hintz         100 (coin flip)
      Bob Wynnemer   100
      Jim Walkowiak    100/F
      Dennis Kecker    100/F
Glen Linden              100/F 
A  John Bacon          100 
B  Charlie Leavitt        95 
C  Don Wilness          93 
D  Don Lowden           93

Sunday Handicap 

25-27  Glen Linden       98 
22-24  Bob Wynnemer  96 
19-21  Craig Raines      89

Sunday Doubles 

AA Guy Hessler        99 
A   Tim Mackey        99 (Shoot-off over Nick Kubasch) 
B   Bob Wynnemer   94 
C   Scott Larson       93 
D   Will Gideon         78